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We are extremely grateful to Mzi, Oko, SK, Fred, JP, and Curt for their commitment to our project, and their honesty and openness in sharing their stories with us. It has been very special to work with them. We also want to say a particular 'thank you' to our sponsors: Consolato d'Italia a Cape Town, the French Embassy, Pretoria (with particular thanks to Lucie Broechler for all her support and strategic vision), Institut Français d'Afrique du Sud (IFAS), Prince Claus Arts Mobility Fund, ORMS, the WatchClub, and Ses'fikile Wines, as well as of course Iziko Museums of South Africa - especially Lynn Abrahams! We are also very grateful to international finance brand MAZARS in Johannesburg for hosting the exhibition in 2019! 

We also want to thanks DJ Avee for letting us use his amazing mix "Deep House Music Mix South Africa - A Soulful Recipe" in our exhibit at the Slave Lodge (

We want to thank those who have helped us along the way: Cornelia Knoll, Isambard Poulson, Jean Meeran, Sarah Jones, and Farzanah Badsha for their curatorial guidance! Sarah Cunningham and Max Baillie for their last-minute sound edit help; and especially Jean Meeran for his curatorial support and fantastic editing of our audio clips at the eleventh hour, as well as shooting and editing a 30-minute video of conversation and reflection on the project between five of the men and ourselves. 

And Nausikaa Angelotti, Anthony Wallace, Laura Gibson, Andile Mxotwa, Dean Todd, Yarek Baranik, James from Cape Honey Bees, the bees themselves, Russell from ScanShop, Solly, Cara from ORMS, Voice of the Cape Radio, Bush Radio, SAFM, and all the people who patiently listened to us while not knowing if we were coming or going....! 

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