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Born in KwaZulu-Natal during the early eighties, our close-knit family moved to George in the breathtaking Garden Route where I grew up. My parents gave us the most amazing adventures and chose to instill life’s values and principles, instead of a love for material wealth. Through their teamwork and respect for each other, I was shown the importance of equality and how much can be accomplished with that mindset.


Being an ocean lover, my father taught me about nature and its myriad complexities. Through the ocean’s teachings, I learned the respect for and importance of preserving life in all aspects. While traveling South Africa and abroad, I was given the opportunity to truly experience and understand the diversity of this nation and the minds that occupy it.


Having been influenced by positive and creative people encountered on my journey, coupled with a love for engineering and design; my entrepreneurial mind was born. I learned independence and self-sufficiency in order to be a positive and caring individual, just like the people that have inspired us all to be better every day. A few years ago I co-founded a construction and design company, Raguni Projects, which promotes modern living with simplicity and practicality. 

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